Bathtub Conversion in Miami

If you have a tub that you hardly use, or are finding that you could use a little bit more space in the most utilized room in your home, a bathtub conversion may be able to serve your needs. Bathtubs can take up valuable space and make your bathroom seem confined. At Home Refinishing, we provide a top-quality bathtub conversion procedure in the Miami area.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to feel that their bathroom space is inadequate. Often when homes are built, especially in the case of secondary or half-baths, they are designed within a floorplan to utilize every inch of available square footage. This leaves much to be desired at times as far as walking room, and storage space. Bathtub conversions are popular in these situations as a walk-in tub or shower provides greater standing room, or floor space for storage in the restroom. With a new, more open restroom, you may even find that you have additional room for a larger vanity or cabinet space to further help the situation.

A bathtub conversion is among the most popular home improvement projects as showers are often seen as a more functional fixture than traditional tubs in modern bathroom design. If you feel you’re ready to replace an old, unwieldy tub, our team will help you through every step of the process.

Why a Bathtub Conversion?

One of the biggest reasons that we see homeowners elect for a bathtub conversion is accessibility. South Florida is home to to one of the largest communities of retirees anywhere in the country. Many with physical ailments or other troubles that make it difficult for them to get around the way that they used to, and some find it difficult to step over the sides of their tub. This situation presents a risk to safety and a feeling of living independently.

Bathtubs often provide slick and uneven surfaces that create an unsafe condition for individuals with limited mobility. These surfaces can cause unfortunate slip and fall accidents. Home Refinishing provides bathtub conversions in order to aid these and other clients with removing or converting their bathtub into a safer, more viable option.

Say goodbye to your confined restroom, and hello to an elegant, open walk in shower or bath. Regardless if your goal is to create a safer bathing area, gain storage and standing area, or to modernize the look of your bathroom to provide yourself with a more luxurious enclave within the privacy of your own home, a bathtub conversion is sure to be a viable investment in your home. With such a diverse variety of benefits and an affordable price from Home Refinishing, there simply are no reasons to start planning a bathtub conversion for the bathroom of your dreams!