Bathtub Reglazing in Miami

The bathtub refinishing procedure can also be referred to as reglazing. This designation is in reference to the finalized epoxy or urethane coating’s results creating a shiny glazed look.

Bathtub replacement can be costly. The plumbing system will be compromised, and walls and floors will have to be torn up and removed. Many times, homeowners begin the process of bathtub replacement unknowing of the full extent of what the process entails when a simple reglazing will achieve similar results to their expectations.

Using the latest technology and top-quality materials, Home Refinishing is able to give your Miami area bathroom a fresh, like-new look in a few hours without having to remodel your entire bathroom space. We can change faded, outdated color schemes while replacing and repairing damaged areas, limited to the specific areas of your choice.

Low Cost, Effective Results

Home Refinishing make obtaining the bathroom look you’ve always dreamed of a reality and will do so for at least half the expense of replacing your existing fixtures.

Don’t replace that old bathtub… refinish it! Here are a few of the advantages of bathtub reglazing versus replacing:

  • More cost-effective.
  • Less time to refinish. Requires just days, instead of weeks.
  • Similar to exceeding results in both the façade and durability.
  • Elimination of scratches, cracks, and several other types of damage.
  • A wider variety of vibrant, modern color schemes.
  • Absolutely no permits necessary.

Standard bathtub reglazing is performed on-site in your home since obviously we wouldn’t want you to tear out your tub and bring it down to us, and the procedure reglazes your existing bathtub in its place. The final glaze is provided in virtually any color you could want, and once the process complete, you will be left with no mess to clean up!

How Will my Tub Look After it is Reglazed?

Reglazed tubs have a beautiful, glossy finish to them while retaining the feel of the original as if it were new. The finalized result is as strong, if not stronger than your original existing tub. Resurfaced bathtubs are also easy to clean, and long-lasting. Following regular, and proper cleaning procedures will ensure that your newly reglazed bathtub stays looking beautiful and elegant for years to come!

Impress your friends and visitors with a newly transformed bathroom without having to break the bank on an entire bathroom remodel. Forget the downtime and costs associated with replacing piece after piece in your home’s most utilized room, and get an easy and efficient bathtub reglazing. We guarantee you’ll be impressed, even surprised at the final results, and every job we perform comes accompanied a full customer satisfaction warranty and our always unbeatable prices!

Get in touch with one of our expert bathtub reglazing professionals today and transform your bathroom with the smartest alternative to making your old, ugly bathtub look new again.