Countertop Refinishing in Miami

Kitchen countertops can be used for just about anything, and with the area being the hub of the home, can go through can undergo a myriad of wear and tear throughout the years. They may have seen a few misplaced pots as an afterthought or a slip of the knife while cutting food here or there, and over time the area can start to show some of the issues from these unavoidable damages.

Suffice it to say, countertops are often the most noticeable part of any kitchen or bath motif, but unfortunately replacing them is both costly, and time consuming. It is not uncommon for a countertop replacement to take upwards of a week, often longer.

If you have damaged, or otherwise worn countertops, one of the best ways of restoring them without having to undergo a replacement procedure, is to refinish the surfaces. By refinishing countertops you can remove these signs of damage without having to spend tons of time or money, and if your countertop surfaces are unique as is the case with many granite and quartz slabs, refinishing them can save up to 50% of the cost of replacing them.

Home Refinishing Can Repair chips, stains, cracks and wholes

Home Refinishing can repair chips, stains, cracks and restore the surfaces to a like-new condition. Getting tired of that old look? No problem! Our team can refinish your countertops with a variety of stylish options like textured colors, faux granite, and many more. What’s the best part? The entire process can be complete inside of a day without the unnecessary demolition of your entire kitchen.

Countertops in the kitchen and bath alike are very prone to coming into contact with water. As time goes on, the countertop materials can become flooded-out, raising concerns of pests, mold, and long-term durability. The final coating of your newly refinished countertops will contain a water repellent additive to help keep your countertops looking clean, and enhancing their ability to relinquish water. This helps to keep your fresh countertops stay looking good, and maintain their durability for a long time.

A Kitchen or Bath of Your Dreams With a Look You’ve Always Wanted!

Countertop refinishing not only extends the life of your existing countertops, but provides the realistic possibility of enjoying the aesthetic of expensive stone countertops at about 25% of the replacement cost. You can dramatically change the overall feel of your kitchen or bath just by changing the surface color or pattern. You too can appreciate the look of quartz or granite countertops for an elegant, luxurious look in your home, and for a fraction of the cost.

You can put the shine back in your surfaces with a countertop refinishing service from Home Refinishing. No matter if you need a countertop refinish in a bathroom, or kitchen countertop, our team can get the job done and have your countertops looking like brand new again!