General Refinishing Process

No kitchen or bathroom service is exactly the same. Differences in stylization, material type and quality, etc. can create the need for process variation, but the generalized refinishing process involves virtually the same procedure:

  • The finalized results depend greatly on an efficient, quality preparation process.
  • We prepare surfaces by cleaning them with only the best and most advanced chemical treatments.
  • After the initial preparation, surfaces are then etched to promote adhesion.
  • Necessary repairs including rust, cracked surfaces, chips, and scratches are made.
  • We mask off areas that are not intended for refinishing, allowing a mess-free, clean, and effective procedure.
  • Once the areas are masked off, we spray a primer to form a bonding layer that will fill any imperfections and is designed to promote refinishing coat adhesion.
  • The finishing coat is a polyurethane comprised material that creates a glossy coat and maximizes durability.
  • As we allow the surface finish to set and dry, we utilize an exhaust fan to vent fumes outside of your home.
  • Fixtures are completely dry as little as 24 hours.
  • The final result is a smooth-to-the-touch finish that is long lasting and easily maintained.

Refinishing Services and Procedure

Refinishing services are a comprehensive procedure. We include the removal of old sealers and caulking. Once the final coat has set, we will install new sealer on your refreshed surface! We use most advanced and high-quality materials found anywhere, accompanied by a lifetime warranty on the majority of our Home Refinishing services.