Spot Repair in Miami

As kitchens and bathrooms age, in addition to normal wear and tear that the areas are subjected to, there can also be signs of rust, chipping, cracking, and even holes on their surfaces.

Home Refinishing provides repairs to these areas as part of the comprehensive services from our expert technicians. Our team will professionally repair any kitchen or bathroom damages, and can even reverse less than stellar procedures that may have been performed previously on surfaces and fixtures while making the façade look as beautiful and elegant as when they were new.

If you were considering a tile, sink, or countertop replacement and didn’t exactly want to engage in a complete remodel, then spot repair and refinishing may be a smart, economical option that can suit your needs.

Your tub may still be in good shape, still looks glossy and beautiful, but unfortunately has suffered a chip, scratch, or blow. Doing a spot repair on your own is entirely possible, but DIY kits often come with subpar adhesives and materials, and a shoddy repair will only cause more issues down the line. Leaks, rust, and uneven finishes and coloration are all problems that can become apparent after the initial repair is done. Your bathtub is likely a good candidate for sport repair.

Skilled Color Matching and Blending Abilities

Not every contractor out there has the color matching ability that our team at Home Refinishing possesses, an ability that is vital to any spot repair. A repair location is color-matched and then blended. The spot repair is coated 4 to 5 times going out just a bit further with each pass. A spot repair that starts out as the size of a nickel, ends up being around the size of a half dollar, and could easily end up being an eyesore. With proper color matching and blending, it will be as if we were never there, creating a smooth transition that is hardly noticeable.

We’ve all been there, you dropped on something into the bathtub, or onto a surface and now there’s a small chip or ding. There is no need to panic. With a little bit of effort, some experience, and an artistic eye, Home Refinishing can have your bathroom surface looking like new in no time. Utilizing the latest in spot repair methods, and the latest available industry tools and chemicals, Home Refinishing can take care of any chips, breaks, cracks, or discolorations  of your bathroom or kitchen surfaces.

Home Refinishing believes in keeping your areas clean, and protected during the repair process. In order to ensure that your fixtures remain clean, we mask off your faucets and handles to prevent leaking or dripping from the finish.